These are the 7 foods that can lead to constipation

One of the things that people mostly neglect when it comes to health is actually their digestion. Many of us, due to stress or being busy can go for days of being constipated. An easy way to worry less about constipation you can easily limit yourself from eating certain foods. In this article, we will discuss which food items can hinder or cause issues with your overall digestive system’s function.

First to take into consideration is the definition of constipation. A person is more likely to be constipated when he or she passes dry and hard stool. Not being able to defecate more than three times a week, and when you do you feel pain and discomfort.

Constipation has a lot of factors. Here are some of those factors.

Not doing enough exercises

Lack of fruits and vegetables as a part of your daily diet.

Eating too much fiber without observing proper time frame

Not drinking enough water

Not considering your own body’s fiber threshold so a possible low-fiber diet or diving into a high-fiber diet.

Both could have the same effect if you do not determine and properly work on your appropriate fiber levels.

Constipation has countless causes, yet in some cases, food is one of them. It can surely make a regular day feel like a total drag.It’s still much better to look at your eating habits for a more natural option than depending on laxatives.  So start promoting healthy digestion by paying attention to what’s on your plate.

  • Ice Cream

I literally get excited over Friday nights because if I am not heading out to see friends, I’d be treating myself to some ice cream while watching a movie at home. However, bad news for all the Ice cream lovers like me because it is another dairy food that could possibly lead to constipation. When you eat ice cream. it’s basically stacking up on sugar but zero fiber. Don’t count on the maraschino cherry on top because it doesn’t make any difference.

Okay, here’s the part where I will give you some sort of substitute and you might think it’s definitely not the same thing, but you know what they say; “don’t mock it ’til you knock it.”

To add fiber that will satisfy your ice cream craving you can opt for banana ice cream. Simply freeze banana slices, put them in a blender, you can also add other fruits of your choice if you want to. Combine it with coconut flakes or cocoa powder to add that sweetness. Or just to make it lesser evil, why not do a banana split?

  • Coffee

Another hard hit, eh? Even though coffee is a  drink enjoyed by many, it does not count as a part of your eight glasses of water a day goal. Coffee would not do much for hydration. In truth, it is a diuretic! Diuretics are also known as water pills, as their primary function is to increase the amount of water and salt expelled from the body as urine. Which could simply mean that as you lose fluids, the risk for constipation increases.

Some people’s health is compromised with caffeine, so if the doctor told you to avoid caffeine as much as possible, it might be better for you to go for low-caffeine beverages like tea. If you need an energy boost to last the day try banana, ginger, and nuts as they are caffeine-free sources.

  • Unripe Bananas

Not just because they are bananas that you should go bananas over them! Pun intended. Although they are recommended as a great and a delish treat to get your fiber and energy boost, you have to be sure they are definitely riped. Unripe bananas have complex starches that are difficult to digest. Therefore it becomes a good recipe for constipation.

So be patient in waiting for the bananas to ripe, or simply buy ripe bananas if you want to eat it right away. The process when the banana becomes  ripe naturally breaks down starches which make things move along easier. They also contain more antioxidants and protein.

  • Cheese

re dealing with constipation. It might be a good source of calcium but I hate to break it to you, it has very little to virtually zero fiber. Too much consumption of cheese will worsen your constipation situation.

It is actually hard to cross out cheese too often as it is incorporated into so many kinds of food! I mean, there’s even cheesy chicken now, if you haven’t heard of it yet, well you’re welcome. Cheese like other dairy products also contain lactose, it makes things much worse. If you can’t stop your cheese craving you might want to try cashew “cheese” or maybe not the closest thing but pureed avocado. Both have fiber and that creamy texture.

  • Beans

Isn’t it shocking since beans are an amazing source of fiber? However, eating too much of it causes constipation. Especially this occurs if your normal diet is low fiber.It’s better to work on increasing your intake slowly while staying hydrated! The fiber will work by softening your stool because it absorbs water.

  • Red Meat

Basically, red meat does a lot more damage than benefit to us. You should limit your consumption since red meat is associated with weight gain and heart disease. In addition to that, constipation is also another side effect of it. It contains high fat and very little fiber that will not do good for your stomach.Yes, for sure it has lots of protein however you should take note that there are other digestive-friendly options. It’s better to go for a leaner kind of protein such as fish and chicken. Then boost your fiber by having a salad, sweet potato or quinoa on the side.

  • Processed Food

They might be tasty and really convenient, there’s no denying that but it’s not surprising either that they pose a lot of harm to our health in general. Little fiber while being packed with too much salt and sugar sums up the constitution of processed food. Fast food and boxed meals are the enemies. Enjoy cooking for yourself or preparing your own food because whole foods are always better.

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