These are the health benefits of Rambutan we probably did not know before

The Nephelium Laapaceum, or simply rambutan, is a small, red, hairy fruit on the outside, and has a white, sweet, and juicy flesh on the inside. It is commonly mistaken as lychee because of the similarity of their flesh.

To this day, rambutan fruit has spread to the other parts of the world particularly in America, Australia, and India.

Originally, however, it has Malay origin as it first came from Malaysia and Indonesia, then have been cultivated throughout the region of Southeast Asia.

The name of rambutan came from an Indonesian term “rambut” which means hair. This tree belongs to a group of tropical tress that bears fruit just like lychee.

Even though this fruit is now so popular to most of the people, some experts have called it as ‘super fruit’ due to its numerous health benefits content.

It is a great alternative to processed foods and can be eaten as a healthy snack. The good thing is that rambutan’s health benefits isn’t exclusive from its fruit, there are also some from the rind, the bark, as well as on its leaves.

Here are some of the health benefits of consuming rambutan:

Source of Iron. Rambutan contains a huge amount of iron which is important for the human body in order to work properly.

Iron that exists in the hemoglobin is used by the human body in order to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the different tissues.

More iron in the body means there are less chances for a person to feel fatigued and dizzy because of iron deficiency illness such as anemia.

Reduces Unwanted Fats. Rambutans are known to be highly effective in decreasing the body fat content of the human body.

This is because the fruit is very high in fiber and on the other hand, very low in calories. In addition, it also contains a huge amount of water.

Because of this, the person’s feeling of hunger is being decreased. Rambutan seeds can also help you to reduce your weight.

Helps in Boosting Energy. Aside from fiber, rambutan also contains a huge amount of carbohydrates and protein.

These enable the person who ate rambutan to boost his energy. Not only that but eating this fruit regularly can also prevent you from being bloated.

Moreover, rambutan is also very rich in water. This will then make a person quench his thirst and the best part is it can help you re-charge your energy as well.

Assist in Removing Waste from the Kidneys. As mentioned earlier, rambutan is rich in phosphorus. This is the mineral that is needed for filtering the waste in the kidneys.

It is also responsible for the development, repair and even maintenance of tissues and body cells.

Additionally, as rambutan also has a considerable amount of calcium, working together with phosphorus,  the teeth and bones are being strengthened as well.

Makes the Bones Stronger. Next on our list of benefits of rambutan is its ability to strengthen bones.

Imagine making your bones stronger just by merely eating rambutan, this is yet another good effect of consuming this fruit. This is because of the nutrients this fruit has including calcium, phosphorus, and iron content.

It is important because stronger bones means reducing your chances of having fractures and other bone diseases.

Aid in Hair Care. Rambutan is also essential if we are going to talk about hair care.

Actually, there is a paste created from the leaves of the trees of rambutan that have been proven to give nourishment to the hair from deep inside.


A lot of people already experienced the visible change in the quality of their hair in just a few minutes after applying the mixture of mashed rambutan leaves and water.

Makes Skin Better. Rambutan can also make your skin looks fairer as it has this ability to aid you in hydrating your skin which makes it soft and supple like you always want it to be. It is because of its high water content.

Your skin also gets protected from damaging oxidants because of the fruit’s ability to neutralize free radicals.

Also, as rambutan fights free radicals, it can also be an effective guard against cancer.

Anti-cancer. Rambutan fruit, just like what we have mentioned earlier, contains anti-oxidant components. This is not very popular, but a recent study has shown that rambutan can actually be effective in treating cancer.

Moreover, rambutan has gallic acid which is a compound that acts as a radical killer that protects our body from oxidative damage.

Both of the skin and seeds of the fruit have been proven to be effective against different types of cancer.

These are the health benefits of rambutan. Share this article to make others informed of these useful facts.

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