Things you should do when you’re alone and having a heart attack

People can’t actually say what will happen to them eventually in the future. There are no accurate thoughts that would actually tell people to see the future or even guess or by the help of theories and scientific studies, psychologist or fortune-tellers.

However, it is possible for people to prevent and avoid those uncommon bad things that may actually happen to them by doing some kind of preventive measures just like equipping enough knowledge and taking care for themselves.

Nonetheless, there is a process that is known for its surviving and rescuing techniques that is called as “Cough-CPR.”

This kind of method has been executed when you are having a hard time in difficulty in breathing that may eventually lead to severe heart complications or seizures.

Cough-CPR is done by coughing yourself extremely hard and strong which makes your maintain its pumping.

When you are actually having a heart attack, the first thing that you have to do is to call an assistance if ever it is still possible for you to call emergency, then follow it up by performing the Cough-CPR. This process will not complete end the heart attack, but it will just help the heart on working until the emergency assistance act on the situation.

When an unexpected abnormal heart rhythm or arrhythmia appears, it may be possible for a conscious, responsive person to cough with force it can actually continually keep the flow of the blood to the brain in order to remain consciousness for a minimum needed time that it can handle until the arrhythmia is treated.

It is very possible for you to keep the blood flowing in your body by pressing some force on your chest which happens during the intentional strong coughs.

You have to know that this is not actually the common way of giving traditional resuscitation.

After calling for assistance in the emergency team, you have to breathe in and out deeply and cough it all out for at least five times quickly.

This process will assist you in surviving this type or sudden attack when the time comes to you, or someone will experience something as this. Spread the word to people by sharing this article. Be vigilant. Be aware. Be responsible for your own health.

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