This are the signs of bad parenting the everyone has to know

As they say, home is the first school for children and parents are their first teachers. Moms and Dads are responsible for raising their child into competent adult and teaching them the values in life.However, there are children who grew up to be spoiled, inconsiderate, and not giving care to other people. How? Maybe because of bad parenting. Here are some signs of bad parenting. See for yourself if these are being reflected in your actions.

  1. Your Child Often Disturbs You. Children crave for affection especially from their parents. When they feel like you are not giving them enough time, they have the tendency to disturb you regardless of what you are doing. If your child often does this, then maybe you are not being physically affectionate to him.
  2. Your Child Often Tell Lies. There are times when your child lies in order not to get caught doing silly things, which I basically normal. But if your child lies every single time, it’s time for you to browse your memory and see if you overreacted in the past over a trivial thing. It you did, it is already embedded in your mind that you got so angry over small things, what more if they did something bigger.
  3. Your Child Has Low Self-Esteem. Self-confidence is something earned, not something someone is born with. Parents should be the one primarily helping in building a child’s self-esteem by encouraging them to do great things. But if you just keep on advising them to do certain things, maybe that’s the reason why your child has low self-esteem.
  4. Your Child Does Not Stand Up for Himself. There may be instances when your child encounters a bully. Of course, there are those who fill fight back and stand up for themselves, but there are also some who will just be bullied. The difference between the two is that the latter probably have been shamed or disciplined in public before. Parents, there’s nothing wrong with disciplining your child, just not in public where everyone can see.
  5. Your Child is a Coward. Providing your child with everything he/she needs is onw thing, but spoiling them too much and doing even the most simple thing like tying their shoes for them is too much. You need to teach them to be independent in a way and do things their own way. If they are used on always having you to do things for them, then he/she will be scared to do anything on her own in the future.
  6. Your Child Child is Jealous. Many children felt jealous because their parents often compare them with other kids. Competition is good, but expecting them to be like some other kids just so they can please you or suit your taste will only make them feel inferior and jealous.
  7. Your Child is Disrespectful. It is normal for a child to pick up the quirks of their parents. So if a child is disrespectful and rude, probably because their parents are too. It is important to teach your child to respect others and to behave nicely. The best way to do that is to show it how it’s done yourself.

Remember that every action you take has a bearing to your child. Parents are responsible as to how a child will grow up. Be affectionate, be kind, and discipline them if you need to. But remember to do these all in moderation and let your kids learn from their mistakes.

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