This habit ladies regularly do in the bathroom doubles their risk of ovarian cancer

Women have been to be sensitive in a natural way, particularly when it comes to their personal hygiene. They always tend to keep on make themselves feel clean and fresh. They do not want to feel dirty because it they get easily irritated by the thought of it. The huge number of feminine wash products and even wipes that can be seen and bought anywhere is the evidence that most of women would always want to maintain the feeling of fresh and clean, especially down there to their private area.

Most of women take a lot of time while they are in the bathroom and enjoying on washing every part of their party. They do love cleaning their delicate skin with fragrant soaps and even to wash their hair with known and trusted brands of shampoos and conditioners. After doing so, they will even put some lotions and other beauty products on their skin just to feel clean, healthy and of course, beautiful.

Even the slightest and the simplest thing that can actually do will matter when it comes to their personal hygiene. They are willing to go anywhere, to buy even the priciest product just to maintain and satisfy them. That is how they love their body that makes them go to this extent.

However, have you been informed that one of the usual habits that is usually don’t by most of women in order to keep their private part clean and healthy can actually put their precious life at risk?

One of the studies that has been done by National Institute of Science is the very first one that is connected to ovarian cancer to a particular habit of women that is allegedly practices by at least millions of women not only in the Philippines but all around the world.

Ovarian cancer is commonly known as “silent killer” because most of the patients who are suffering from this type of disease do not usually experience or feel any kind if signs and symptoms until it has gone worse that they could imagine and to the point where it could no longer be cured and be treated.

This kind of habit that most of women usually do is the reason as to why they are vulnerable to develop ovarian cancer and that habit is the regular washing of their private part that most of women think is needed and necessary and would actually make them feel a lot cleaner and healthier. As a matter of fact, they tend to do it without even knowing the side effects and usually the negative ones that may eventually happen to them because they got used to doing this kind of habit.

Most of doctors and health experts would not advise women to regularly wash their private part, particularly spraying huge amount of water or any kind of liquid to their private part because it has the ability to kill and destroy the natural balance of healthy bacteria that can be found in their private part which makes them more prone to infection and different kinds of sicknesses.

Another study that has been conducted relating to it have shown that almost 29% or those 232 participants have admitted that they do regularly wash their private part while the other 57% says that they do the opposite. The study have eventually discovered and revealed that most of the 29% women who are spraying some amount of water on their private part results to cases that are linked to pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, as well as fungal infection and even lessened fertility.

University of California, Epidemiology Professor, Joelle Brown have even said that she was also surprised with the result of the study that is connects douching to the development of ovarian cancer.

In spite of these studies and gynecologist suggestions for you to not practice on spraying your private part with any kind of fluid, a lot of women will still continue on doing it only thinking about the better hygiene that they want to obtain instead of thinking about the long term negative effect that may result to health problems in the near future.

As a matter of fact, it is not bad to feel or have the urge to be clean and comfortable about this kind of habit or the things that you used to do, however, you have to think if whatever you are doing to your body may be good for you or not? These studies are only created to help each and every one of us in making life a lot easier and in order to be aware about the things that we are not even informed about, just like this.

Nevertheless, after knowing this kind of truth, are you still able to do the same thing that you usually do when you are alone in the bathroom? Think about yourself; think about the effects that it may actually cause you, think about your future and the things that may actually happen if you will still continue on doing it. You may even pay for hospital bills, for your doctors, for a lot of medications and more. Therefore, before it’s too late, decide on stopping this kind of habit in order for you to not spend a lot of money and for you to stay healthy and worry free.

Prevention is always better than cure. When it comes to your health, always think about the ways on how will you help and improve yourself and do not even think about how comfortable you will feel about it because sometimes the feeling of being comfortable is not enough to be healthy. Furthermore, it is beneficial for you to search for more information about information like this so that you may educate yourself about this matter.

You can actually share this article to your relatives, family and friends in order to help them know this important information and to help them as well in this kind of situation before it’s too late.

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