This one fruit amazingly helps kill malignant cells of 12 types of cancer

A modern research have shown that the extract that can be obtained from the fruit Graviola or also known as Soursop or Guyabano can effectively destroy the malignant cells of twelve (12) different types of cancer.

Graviola have been known as Brazilian paw paw, too. It is the fruit of the Annona Muricata evergreen tree. It is native to tropical parts of both Central and South America, and it usually serves as a dietary supplement that was used to treat a lot of health conditions.

This fruit have been hailed as a wonder herb. It is known as a natural remedy for viruses, it can be used as a pain reliever and it can also help in the treatment of some types of cancer.

Apparently, the extract which came from this miraculous and amazing fruit has the ability to kill the affected cancer cells in the case of lung, colon, liver, pancreatic, cervical, prostate, as well as the ovarian and breast.

This kind of discovery is a huge help and is really important in the treatment of this type of deadly disease that doesn’t have a cure yet up until now.

A pathologist that came from the University of Nebraska have discovered that this fruit contains wonderful and incredible effects in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, as it intensely lessened the tumorigenicity and even changed the metabolism of these tumor cells.

On the other hand, a lab study have shown that the extract from this fruits is even 10,000 times more powerful and stronger in destroying colon cancer cells than Adriamycin, which has been known as a common chemotherapy drug. In addition, the great advantage that this extract has is its ability to only destroy the cancer cells and to not affect the healthy ones inside the body.

Moreover, this fruit have shown amazing and incredible results in the treatment of cervical cancer, as well.

A study that has been conducted have shown that this fruit can actually help in inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells, as the dietary extract of this fruit has the ability to trigger a dramatically growth inhibition of MDA-MB-468 cells in both of vitro and vivo studies through a mechanism that engages the EGFR/ERK signaling pathway. This actually means that it may have the ability to protect most of women from EGFR-over-expressing BC.

However, the amazing properties and healing that it has doesn’t stop here, because researchers have discovered that Graviola can also offer positive effects in the treatment of other types of cancer, as well.

Its miraculous effects have been credited to the presence of acetogenins, which are powerful substances that have the ability to inhibit the NADH oxidase of the cancer cells plasma membranes, and thus prevent the growth of cancer and the spreading of its cells.

In addition, this fruit also contain other beneficial substances and phytochemicals such as asimilobine, quercetin, friedelin, kaempferol, anonaine, xylopine, isolaureline, as well as anomurine, and annonamine.

Here are the health benefits from Graviola fruit:

  • It contains antioxidant properties

Graviola has been discovered to have a lot of antioxidant properties. As a matter of fact, antioxidants have the ability to keep cells from being healthy and by hunting the disease-causing free radicals in the body and eventually destroy them.

According to a study that has been conducted in the year 2014, Graviola extract have discovered to contain a hung number of compounds with antioxidants abilities such as tannins, saponins, phytosterols, flavonoids and even anthraquinones.

Antioxidants may actually help people to stay healthy and sickness free. However, more researches are needed to determine if Graviola’s antioxidants can actually prevent particular diseases.

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties

According to a study that was made in the year 2014 on rodents, Graviola contains anti-inflammatory properties that may have the ability to relieve pain. The researchers of this study have supported the Graviola’s use as a folk medicine for both of pain and inflammatory conditions.

Moreover, a 2010 rodent study have found out that Graviola has the ability to block the pain receptors, as well as to lessen the inflammation in rats.

Still, researchers have warned that more study is still needed in order to know and determine if Graviola is safe for humans, too. It is still not clear if it would have the same pain relieving effects on humans.

  • It may actually help in lowering the blood sugar

The results which came from a 2008 rodent study have recommended that Graviola may actually help a lot of people in regulating their blood sugar if they are suffering from diabetes. The study has discovered that Graviola can significantly lessen the blood sugar levels in rats that have diabetes.

Moreover, despite the rats being fed less of both food and water, they did not lose weight. The researchers believe that this may be the result of better glucose control.

  • It may also help in lowering blood pressure

Graviola is usually used as a folk remedy in order to lower high blood pressure levels. Uncontrolled high blood pressure may actually elevate the risk of suffering from heart issues, as well as having diabetes and unexpected stroke.

A 2012 study that was made on rats have discovered that Graviola can actually help in reducing blood pressure without even increasing the heart rate. According to researchers, the hypotensive abilities of this herb are due to the “peripheral mechanisms involving antagonism of Ca²⁺ [calcium ions].”

  • It may help in preventing ulcers

Ulcers have been known as painful sores that develop in the stomach lining, esophagus or even in the small intestines.

According to a study that was made on the year 2014 on rodents, Graviola have shown antiulcer abilities. It has the ability to help in protecting the mucous lining of the stomach. Additionally, it can also aid in preventing free radical damage to the digestive tract.

  • It may actually aid in the treatment of herpes

Herpes have known as a viral infection that was caused by the herpes simplex virus. It may appear on the genitals or mouth.

It is a good thing that Graviola is considered as an alternative treatment for herpes, but the supporting evidences are still coming in. A study that was made on the year 2012 has shown anti-herpes activity with Graviola inside the laboratory.

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