What tanglad (Lemongrass) can do to our body when we eat it

The main goal of this article is to provide you knowledge about how you will be able to cure a lot of diseases such as prostate and diabetes with the use of only one astonishing green plant.

Modern medical technology today has become a lot beneficial in curing numerous diseases. However, some people cannot afford that kind of treatment because it is too expensive. Luckily, there are a lot of natural remedies these days that are known to be extremely effective in curing numerous diseases. This astonishing plain is known as nettle.

Nettle has been known as a green leafy herb that is part of the family of Urticaceae. The plant has been divided into sis subspecies, five of which contains several trichomes, which is known as stinging hairs on both of the leaves and stems that appear similar from hypodermic needles. Nettle has been used for different factors just like medicine, food and fiber.

Nettle is commonly utilized as a natural alternative remedy. Some study has proven that nettle is extremely effective in curing any kind of allergies. Unlike antihistamines, decongestant, and even vaccines, nettle has the ability to absolutely soothe allergy without having any side effects.

Aside of treating allergies, nettle can also assist in treating other mild and serious health condition. The benefits of nettle are the following:

  • It has the ability to cleanse the blood
  • It prevents both dandruff and hair loss
  • It battles against the indicators of rheumatology and gout
  • Enhances the excretion of milk
  • Aids in the method of decreasing kidney stones
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • It has antibacterial properties that can assist in boosting the immune system
  • It assist in diuretic in order to get rid of all the toxins in the body
  • It has the ability to avoid and reduces kidney and urinary tract infection
  • It stimulates both hair and nails
  • It develops the circulation of blood
  • It aids in fast removal of mucus that has been stuck in the airways
  • It prevents hemorrhoids
  • It avoids iron deficiency that can lead to anemia
  • Enhances the function of the kidneys


Cut the nettle leaves into tiny pieces and take at least one tablespoon of it and place it in a cup then add at least 200 ml of very hot water. Cover the cup and leave it for a couple of minutes. Strain the solution and your nettle infusion is ready to be consumed.

You can also consume nettle by adding it to your salad, dishes, as well as soups and shake.

In curing allergies, injuries, burns and even different types of skin issues and prostate, you can directly apply nettle leaves on the affected area.

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