Your face can reveal what part of your body is sick and what to do

Our world is loaded and composed of numerous countries with different kinds of traditions and cultures. Some of these are still being used up to today, but, sad to say, most of them are left ignored due to the advancement of modern medicine and treatments. Even though, the medicine today does not really trust in ancient methods, yet they are somehow proven to be effective in either with or without evidence.

Speaking of which, one of these amazing methods that was used by ancient Chinese healers did not depend on sophisticated machines and other technology in order to become aware of any kind of diseases, as a matter of fact, they have learned it in the easy way by simply reading the face and being familiar with the signs and symptoms of any illnesses and health conditions. For an instance, they assumed that any type of skin issue, which includes redness, dry skin and even acne are directly caused by some type of issues in the organs because all of the organs inside the body are interrelated with one another. Even though there was a time where it became lost at some point all throughout the history, face mapping has been known as one of the most important instruments in order to know and detect a huge number of health issues during ancient times.

Face mapping has been known as a kind of method that depends on the location of a skin condition, particularly acne on the face in order to become aware of health issues in the body. It is actually a safe and non-invasive technique that can easily recognized diseases, as well as to assist you in treating them accordingly. The method functions firmly on the belief and principle where in all of the organs are interrelated with one another in the body and an in-depth stare at the face can actually aid the doctor in diagnosing anything.

A lot of people are not aware of this, but the parts of the body are connected with each other in a natural way, which makes problems in one area can sometimes become noticeable in an unusual ways.

In ancient Chinese medicine, they normally used the face as an instrument of diagnosing possible issues to a different part of the body. Fortunately, we will be showing you in this article the kind of method that they are using in order to for you to become aware about the health issues that you might have with just looking by your face in the mirror. Here is the guide to identify health issues with the use of mapping your face:


  • Smoking
  • Habitually touching of the face
  • Accumulation of bacteria
  • Poor circulation


  • Accumulation of bacteria
  • Too much consumption of coffee
  • Excessive intake of alcohol
  • Stress
  • Smoking


  • Too much intake of starch
  • Excessive consumption of processed sugar
  • Candida infection
  • Hormonal issues
  • Bladder and small intestine issues, acne in the forehead

Most of the time, breakouts that are usually happening in the forehead can be connected with the issues in both of the bladder and small intestines just like water infections.


Even though this list that we have provided is beneficial for you in order to identify and determine the extensive reason behinds acne, still, their precise location is a much better way of becoming aware about certain disease. All you need to do is to simply locate the exact organ that is connected to the specific part on your face and you will eventually find out what kind of disease or condition you are suffering from.

  • LIVER, the region between your eyebrows

If you are a type of person who loves to eat a lot of meat, then your stomach has the possibility to work overtime just to digest it completely. This will actually make the organ work without having a rest, giving excessive amounts of pressure and may lead to overworked; as a result, skin problems just like acne breakout may occur. In order to resolve this kind of health problem, all you have to do is to begin on consuming a healthy diet that is concentrated on fresh and raw fruits, together with vegetables. You have to prevent yourself from eating processed foods and even drinking alcohol. Spend some of your time outside and breathe in fresh air for several minutes.

  • KIDNEYS, both of eye zone and eyebrows

Acne that can be found in the areas of eyes and eyebrows are most likely caused by both malnutrition and dehydration. There are also times where poor circulation and weakened heart are the reason behind it. It happens due to unhealthy life that most people usually do such as too much consumption of alcohol and smoking. In order to avoid it, consume a lot of water on a daily basis and avoid the intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol.


Face is mostly composed of cheeks, which makes cheek problems too noticeable from time to time. Cheek issues are connected with the problems of both kidneys and lungs. Most of the time, the reason behind these acnes are poor dental hygiene. In order to make a way in treating this kind of health problem, flossing and brushing your teeth on a regular basis must be done. Moreover, you need to prevent yourself from consuming foods and drinks that are loaded with sugar.

  • LUNGS, upper portion of the cheeks

Most of the people who have smoking as a bad habit and have been regularly exposed to air pollution usually suffer from acne break outs in the upper portion of their cheeks. Because it was caused by too much air pollution, then all you need to do is to simply limit the time that you are outside, as well as helping yourself by avoiding smoking immediately in order to improve the condition of your health.

  • STOMACH, both of mouth and chin

Break outs that can be usually seen in the areas of the mouth and chin indicates that you are suffering from some kind of stomach issues. If you are one of those people who are having a hard time with their diet or digestion will eventually show some acne in the said areas of the face. It is caused by too much consumption of alcohol, as well as the intake of fatty and sugary foods regularly. Before it’s too late, prevent the consumption of these foods and gradually add some amount of fermented foods on your daily diet to treat this health issue.

  • HEART, nose area 

If your nose unexpectedly shows redness and inflammation, then there is a possibility that you are having some health issues that are related to your chest, especially the heart. The nose has been known to be directly connected to the heart that is why if you have acne in it; you badly need to prevent yourself from consuming foods that have excessive amount of salt. You also need to consume healthier diet and begin to do some kind of exercise on a daily basis.

  • HORMONES, both of neck and jaw

Hormones are usually the reason behind the worst acne break outs. Acne that can be found in these areas is often caused by hormonal imbalance. It is connected with the intake of some kind of medications or the pill which leads to this type of condition. It is somehow sensitive that is why you should consult your doctor and talk about changing the medication that you are taking. In order to normalize your hormones, all you have to do is to control your regular intake of salt and caffeine. You need to begin consuming a healthy diet, too.


Acne that can be found on forehead is really unpleasant. And if you have it, it only shows that you have consumed too much amount of processed and fatty foods, as well as those who have low amount of fiber. In addition, excessive intake of alcohol and stress can also be the reason, which eventually results to poor digestion, toxic accumulation and even dehydration. In order to resolve this issue, just simply drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water on a regular basis and avoid both of alcohol and processed foods.

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