Your finger shape can determine your personality and health risk – Learn how.

Stare closely at your fingers because its shape has the ability to tell so much about your own personality as an individual. It may sound a little weird and silly but you will be surprised at how these things can be so true.

Choose your finger shape from first to last.


  • You are that kind of person who is not very open and don’t share your feelings easily.
  • You always put your best to show yourself that you are stronger.
  • You are an emotional kind of person that you can easily feel connected with others.
  • You hate lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty simple because it goes against your beliefs.
  • Most of the people know you as very eccentric and arrogant.
  • You have a big heart and love to help other people.
  • You enjoy having a good quality of laugh as long as you are amused.
  • You are generally cold with people that you don’t actually know but extremely emotional when it comes to both of your friends and family.


  • You don’t like to be the first one when it comes to approaching someone.
  • You are extremely loyal and devoted when you fall into love.
  • Deep down inside, you have a very sensitive soul.
  • You are extremely committed when you place your mind at something.
  • You are scared about getting yourself hurt.
  • You will always stay calm if you are feeling very uncomfortable with something.


  • You can effortlessly forget things that made you really upset and you don’t hold a grudge.
  • You don’t like unfamiliar territories.
  • You are respectful when it comes to other person’s opinions and suggestions.
  • You sometimes come off as bossy because of your ego is extremely high. However, you will be the first one to apologize.
  • You are very straightforward and you know what your likes and dislikes are.

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